Commander’s Welcome

Virginia CVMA Chapter 27-1 “Veterans helping Veterans”


“There is no way to maintain the frontiers of freedom without cost and commitment and risk. There is no swift and easy path to peace in our generation. No man who witnessed the tragedies of the last war, no man who can imagine the unimaginable possibilities of the next war, can advocate war out of irritability or frustration or impatience.

In the end, the only way to maintain the peace is to be prepared in the final extreme to fight for our country–and to mean it.”  

– John F. Kennedy 1961.

As Combat Veterans, we have answered our Nation’s call, We have seen conflicts of all kinds; Vietnam, Desert Storm, Iraq, and Afghanistan to name a few. We all share the physical, emotional and psychological scars form our Service. We also share the same Brotherhood, comradery and unity from our Service. We are the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association, It’s an honor to call you Brother and Sister and we say “Welcome Home”. Our organization is tasked with supporting our Veterans and their families, past, present, and future. Our motto is “Vets Helping Vets”; this is our driving force. We listen to their needs, their hopes and their dreams. We salute our troops deploying and greet them on their return home. We visit our wounded Brothers and Sisters, We stand in Honor and Support of families as they lay their Hero to rest, should they pay the ultimate sacrifice.

We ride motorcycles. We raise money in support of Veterans, charitable organizations, and others that help our fellow Brothers and Sisters. I look forward to helping them with you.


In Brotherhood,

Michael “Iceman” Arndt
Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association
Virginia 27-1, Commander