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The Red represents the blood that has been shed on the battlefield. The Military Gold represents all branches of the military service of the United States. The Black represents the heavy hearts possessed for those who gave their lives and for those that are considered missing in action or prisoners of war. The Skull and Ace of Spades represents the death that war leaves in its wake.

Commander's Welcome

Welcome to the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association (CVMA) Virginia Chapter 27-1′s website.

The site provides information concerning the CVMA and this chapter, and covers meetings and discussions (both closed to the public), application procedures/qualification requirements, events and general topics pertaining to the Association’s membership. Additionally, a look into the chapter’s persona through images of meetings and riding events is provided by a ”Chapter History” page, in addition to a separate page outlining current riding events taking place around the area called “Events.” The public at large is encouraged to look over what this site has to offer, including documents which are not password protected, in order to get to know who we are and how we interface with the southern cities of the Commonwealth of Virginia. CVMA VA 27-1 is a 501(c)(19) non profit charitable Organization. You may donate to the chapter's cause of Vets Helping Vets through the "Donate" button below. Thank you.

Those veterans with honorable service and verifiable combat or combat theatre experience. Verification can be shown by a copy of a DD-214 or, if active duty, a copy of the awards page (NDAWS, OSR, etc.) normally available through each service’s Personnel Office or PSD (Navy). Other verification can be provided if these documents are, for valid reason, not available; i.e., Navy Administrative Remarks Page 13 authorizing a combat award. Membership also includes ownership of a motorcycle of 500cc displacement or more.
Those veterans with honorable service who have not served in combat or in a combat theatre environment. Application requires a DD-214 or proof of current military service. Membership also includes ownership of a motorcycle of 500cc displacement or more.
Spouses of Full Members. Application requires a copy of the Marriage Certificate to be submitted with the FM application. The FM spouse is the sponsor.

Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association

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